20 Best Travel Pillow For Kids Reviews in 2021 You Can Buy


A travel pillow for kids may be among the perfect solutions for kids to get some sleep on the move whilst restricting the distress often associated with sleep vertical. These pillows are usually more compact than bed pillows and tuck behind around the throat, filling the space between the neck and the headrest while retaining the neck from bending too far.

These days, we list the best travel pillow for kids choices below with notes on which you need to search for while purchasing a kid travel pillow.

List of 20 Best Travel Pillow For Kids  Reviews

1. Trunki Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow with Magnetic Child’s Chin Support

  • These travel pillows for kids are fantastic for encouraging and reassuring young children around the ages of 4 and up. Coupled with gentle microbeads to maintain up the head and to permit the chin to relax comfortably, these travel pillows offer the ideal support for your own children.
  • Covered with a remarkably soft cloth, your kids are going to fall asleep in no time and feel really protected. No binding ties or drawstrings to shut this travel pillow — only connect the 2 sides through the concealed magnets!
  • It’s available in seven different stuffed animal toy alternatives, such as a fox, a lion, and a dinosaur.

2. trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

  • Obviously, Trtl Travel Pillow is among the greatest travel pillows for kids manufacturers. They have taken their amazing adult pillow and created a version for kids. They did not only make it smaller, so they’d basic older children help them design! It is made in order to be packaged flat and is not bulky. The plan is like the adult pillow, except using a fast launch to be simpler to remove. It is made from watertight fleece with foam cushioning inserts. This is a wonderful pillow for kids.

3. Niuniu Daddy Travel Neck Pillow

  • Converts from a neck pillow to an ordinary little pillow. Why choose a travel pillow for your kids and stuffed animals? This is a pillow and their best friend all in one. They have many animal shapes so that your child can select their favorite. It provides neck support also so that you do get the throat bob as soon as your kid is sleeping, possibly waking them up. There’s not anything better than a sleeping kid when you are traveling; make sure they remain like that!

4. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

  • If you’re interested in finding a pillow that supports both the chin and neck, the BCOZZY Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow is the smartest choice for you. The travel pillows for kids come in a wide assortment of colors. This pillow is ideal for kids of 3-8 decades.
  • The BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow is completely machine washable. It features a snap strap to attach the pillow to the bag. Its soft cloth is quite comfortable when your child is sleeping on travel.
  • The pillow includes another choice of designs that bring kids of most ages, including rabbit, flamingo, snake, camouflage, actors, hearts, and a lot more. In general, it’s the ideal neck pillow to utilize on a plane or even a road trip.

5. Critter Piller Kid’s Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow

  • This cute and furry airplane neck pillow will surely delight your little ones while also keeping them comfortable and encouraged over the course of a trip or car travel.
  • Security is more than coated with a detachable zipper port, so there aren’t any worries about them unzipping the pillow and removing the standard filling. The outer cloth is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Throw the pillow at the washing machine to keep everything tidy and sterile, and the plush fur plumps up readily when left to dry.
  • Offering some of the greatest neck support for extended flights for kids, this specific pillow is recommended just for children over 3 decades old.

6. Cloudz Plush Animal Pillows – Unicorn

  • Children are going to adore this stuffed animal travel pillow so much they will forget it is a travel pillow in any way. This adorable and cuddly pillow comes from various animals and animals like unicorns, dogs, cats, ladybugs, and a lot more. If they are not utilizing it for sleeping, they are guaranteed to be playing and snuggling with their brand new friend.
  • These budget-friendly travel pillows for kids are soft and comfy with their plush polyfill body. The u-shaped design will not offer support for the front of kids’ heads.

7. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Neck Rest

  • This is a pillow for the toddler out of Skip Hop also; it’s everything that we believe of the best travel pillows for kids. First of all, you want to consider this particular era of infants; this pillow is created for. At this phase, kids go through a growth period of bones and muscles around the throat. And if your infant is on a trip, it is important to possess firm support around the neck and neighboring places.
  • Thinking of all of these essences, this pillow is made out of a bit larger dimensions. To be particular with all the amounts, the measurement is 10.5 x 10.5 x 3 inches. The material that is employed in the approach is smooth and soft plush fiber. However, there’s just one little drawback of the substance. It requires repetitive loopholes because his fiber is very likely to draw dust a good deal.
  • To maintain out the pillow of connections of dirt and dust, it’s got a security backpack to keep it shut indoors, which appears to extend the duration of this product to a fantastic extent.

8. RESTCLOUD Kids Travel Neck Pillow for Airplane

  • The RESTCLOUD Kids Travel Neck Pillow is made from memory foam filling and bud coral fiber protection.
  • The cover is breathable and soft and is manufactured from 100% secure substances. This item is REACH and ROHS compliant, so both bureaus guarantee human health, and the environment is protected against dangerous compounds which might be found on some goods. In this manner, you’re certain that the merchandise your purchase is secure to use.
  • This RESTCLOUD travel neck pillow was designed to fit children from 3-12 years of age. There are two colors to pick from — pink and green — both using white printing. This travel pillow is U-shaped and includes a strap to carry both ends together so that you may hang it into your travel tote anytime. You could even compress this pillow and stuff it in a little sack which is included with this item.
  • This pillow measures 9.1 x 8.7 x 2.8 inches and weighs 9.6 oz. This item is comfy for your kid even when he’s seated on the vehicle seat. The cover is also removable and washable for simple cleaning.

9. Kinder Fluff Toddler Travel Pillow (2 Pcs)

  • This travel pillow for kids is especially suggested for all those children who can not keep a specific position throughout the whole trip. For kids that like to move around a whole lot, these kids’ travel pillow may be their very best choice since it helps them to maneuver around.
  • It’s 300T cotton and cluster fiberfill and can be watertight.

10. NIDO NEST Kids Travel Neck Pillow

  • The Nido Nest is just another great solution for microbead children’s travel pillow. The microbeads make this neck break for traveling soft and comfy, and the breathable cloth isn’t just soft but trendy to wear, preventing kids from getting sweaty and hot.
  • The cover is removable to make cleaning easy. But in case you’ve got a significant spill, of course, keep in mind that this may soak into the pillow.
  • This travel sleep pillow comes in a variety of adorable animal designs, such as owl, frog, bumblebee, and ladybug, also; it’s a snap strap to attach to your bag or a stroller.

11. INFANZIA Travel Neck Pillow for Kids Toddlers

  • We absolutely love the design of the travel pillow for kids, and it’s our company runner-up in the kids’ pillow group (ideal for toddlers also ). It’s excellent for using in a car seat since it’s narrower in the trunk and wider in the front to offer sufficient chin support. The snap grip helps secure the pillow beneath your kid’s chin, making it effortless to secure a bag when not in use.
  • INFANZIA Travel Neck Pillow comes from lively panda or devil layouts and much more impartial blue, black and grey. This kid’s pillow is machine washable.

12. Apomelo Cute Monkey Car Seat Belt Pillow for Kids

  • How adorable is this fluffy fighter? It serves both as a giant teddy bear and as a car pillow for toddlers and larger children.
  • The dinosaur kids car seat travel pillow covers the seatbelt, which prevents the child from getting uncomfortable. The velcro closure makes it rather easy to pop it in the ideal place.
  • Travelwise it may not be the best companion since it’s HUGE (9″x19.7″ (23x50cm)), but children love this seat belt pillow for kids, and they get to pick from a complete variety of adorable animals.

13. 1st Class Kid XL Inflatable FootRest Leg Rest Travel Pillow

  • Here’s a travel pillow that each and every young child needs decent leg aid, especially when boarding a flight. The pillow is pumped and, at its entire density, supposes a rectangular shape that’s in the ideal height with the chair to permit kids to break their legs. An individual can deflate the pillow when not being used, which makes it exceptionally portable and simple to store without dropping it.
  • The pillow also permits children to distribute completely and go to sleep without having to sit upright. Not Acceptable for use on the next airlines seeing seating dimensions: Qantas, Emirates, Air Canada, Air NZ, and Air France.

14. Kids Neck Pillow (Penguin) – Toddler Size 2-5 Yrs

  • This adorable pillow is a soft, plush fabric on top and also a cooler nylon cloth on the floor. The cover is removable for simple cleaning (machine washable, read all directions before laundering). It comprises microbeads, which can be sterile. Additionally, it includes a snap button. There are two layout choices: penguin and squirrel!
  • This pillow is suggested for children ages two to five years old (and they say it might match up to a 6-year-old). Bear in mind to check with your car seat manufacturer before utilizing any travel pillow with it.

15. Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

  • If you’re seeking a travel pillow for the infant that offers great comfort when sleeping in traveling, the Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow is a superb alternative. If you are traveling by airplane, then this really is an excellent alternative — advocated of these age 8 and older–that the pillow put in each place to give relaxation to your children while sleeping.
  • The pillow includes a snap closure that prevents it from falling away. It connects easily using a carry-on tote or just a backpack. The cover of this pillow is removable and machine cleaned.
  • The Dot&Dot pillow is made with memory foam, which is quite comfortable and offers good support to a child’s neck when sleeping. You might even round it to the neck or around the vehicle headrest. In general, it’s a great travel pillow for two large kids and grown-ups.

16. Disney Minnie Mouse 3D Character Travel Pillow

  • We have picked the Minnie Mouse alternative here; however, this isn’t the only one you may select from. Little ones may also enjoy either Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse, or Spiderman around their throat throughout their travels!
  • Great value for the price; this pillow is a U-shape selection and includes a soft outer and poly-fill interior to mold too-small heads and necks! Perhaps not the most lightweight option due to the filling, however, it will call into the exterior of the bag, so it’s easy to carry on any trip. The pillow can be machine washable to clean any stains or spillages.

17. SSAWcasa Seatbelt Pillow for Kids in Car

  • If you’re seeking a travel pillow that does not go around your child’s neck, have a look at this modern marvel. The seat belt pillow from SSAWcasa is a fantastic alternative to classic neck travel pillows for kids. It’s simple to wear a seat belt and offers a soft, cushiony area for kids to nod off. It matches every seat belt and can be easily cleaned and removed.
  • This seat belt pillow is full of cotton and contains a micro suede exterior. We also love this is the most inexpensive option on the list.

18. Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow

  • This is an entirely revolutionary method of producing your own small business class seat for the children where you go. Suitable for smaller kids up to five yrs old. This leg remainder travels pillow suits between the chair and the chair before you, and you may produce a whole BED to the little one. I wish I would have known about this when Rosie was that little. It actually looks amazing!

19. MemorySoft Memory Foam Travel Pillow

  • Once kids have begun to outgrow the novelty goods, this is fantastic graduation to some more grownup brands. Produced by MemorySoftthe very same manufacturers of Memory Foam mattresses famous for being the sleeping relaxation specialists!
  • Slightly heavier and lighter compared to the mild microbead merchandise but does include its clip and bag to hang out of your handbag and is among the most highly regarded brands available on the market.

20. AMZ Rack Seatbelt Pillow

  • Whenever your kid isn’t into cuddly teddy bears (anymore), these sober seatbelt pillows with clips will offer identical comfort.
  • The seat belt pillows are made from a soft plush on the outside, although the interior is full of non-deforming PP cotton. The cover can also be washable.
  • Each bundle includes two cushions that quantify 11.8″x4.7″ (30×10 cm) each. They match every seatbelt and clip them onto them to protect against the pillow from slipping down.
  • The AMZ Rack covers are a fantastic kid travel pillow for road trips! However, you may use them as a seat belt pillow for adults too.

How To Choose The Best Travel Pillow For Kids


Another significant thing that you ought to be considering when you’re looking for the ideal pillow is the material makeup of these travel pillows for kids in question. Locating the pillows that are composed of the very best and most comfy materials is a fantastic way to narrow down the available choices. One more thing which the material makeup of these pillows could figure out is the sturdiness of these pillows.

Detecting a travel pillow that’s comfortable is essential, but you want to be certain you are ready to locate one that’s durable enough to withstand the rigors of traveling. On the other hand, the materials will dictate the comfort level that you can escape it also.


The heaviest travel pillows for kids likely won’t seem especially weighty when you purchase them. But once you’re lugging your luggage from destination to destination, then that additional weight might appear more impactful. Taking into consideration the weight of this travel pillow for kids before making your purchase will help shave a couple of precious ounces off the entire weight of your bag. Even though this may seem insignificant to some, enthusiastic travelers and backpackers often listen to some extra weight.


It is ideal to receive a kids-travel pillow that does not possess a drawstring, or whatever may become too tight for your kid. Start looking for friendly, non-binding travel pillows for kids which are simple to use to block your child from accidentally suffocating!


Evidently, this is going to be a variable, which is something that you want to consider up against your individual budget. There are several distinct pillows available for many distinct rates. To put it differently, there’s something for everybody.

I’ve had an inexpensive travel pillow for kids who has worked like a charm for decades, and regrettably, I have already spent cash on a few who were a complete waste.

Do not let price be too much of a variable, is all I could say.


Last but not least, take into consideration the dimensions of your kid vs. the travel pillow you’re thinking about.

If purchasing for a toddler, then be certain that you pick a particular toddler travel pillow as opposed to a generic kids one.

Do not hesitate to find a larger one believing it’s going to last them more.

The incorrect kind of neck pillow may push the kid’s neck forwards, inducing strain, particularly if used while the child is in a car seat.

Deciding on the right car seat pillow for toddlers to get appropriate back posture is vital.


In general, finding the best travel pillow for kids is all about doing your own research to identify the alternatives out there.

Check which ones of these fit for your child’s era and go get it with no hesitation regarding the quilt. Every one of these pillows for kids will fit directly into your needs of quality and cost, we guarantee!

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