10 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower Reviews of 2021


The best walk-behind leaf blower is a fantastic alternative to your backpack design unit. Perfect for older homeowners or people who should clean large areas, this system guarantees reliability and maneuverability.

There are a whole lot of choices in regards to walk-behind leaf blowers, which explains exactly why we’ve written this review. We’ve used customer testimonials and manufacturer advice from Amazon.com to locate the ten best walk-behind leaf blowers out there.

List of 10 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower Reviews

1. Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Force Blower with 393 cc Honda GX Engine

The Billy Goat F1302SPH is a self-propelled leaf blower that is expensive but worth the price. If you’re searching for professional productivity and electricity, look no farther than Billy Goat.

This Honda-powered unit is a popular tool among landscapers, cemeteries, parks, schools, seal coaters, road branches, hotels, estate, and golf properties, along with other large surfaces.

It packs a 393cc business motor also provides 6.2 times the air volume of a backpack leaf blower. There is a 17-inch 16 blade lover. It is super strong, flexible, and easy to construct.

2. Landworks Leaf Blower Super Duty Wheeled Walk Behind Jet Sweep Manual

This leaf blower is created from heat-treated and powder-coated steel. Therefore, it’s very durable and rust-resistant — you won’t need to be concerned about the durability of the blower.

If it comes to energy, the 212cc gasoline engine makes it possible for this leaf blower to throw 2000 cubic feet of air each minute. The consumer controls the airflow through a flexible flap that is found on the discharge chute. To put it differently, you will have great control over keeping your house’s Landworks Super Duty which makes it effortless to transfer leaves into piles or rows.

Aside from the weight, the single thing we did not enjoy about this leaf blower would be that the fill angle in its own reservoir. It’s somewhat awkwardly set up and hard to use.

3. Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower

Ideal for many gardens and defying skilled usage, the Southland SWB163150E is your best walk-behind leaf blower in the marketplace. It includes a powerful motor capable of outputting an impressive air pressure. Blowing at 150 mph, this leaf blower may wash your pavements and lawn in a cinch.

Without a doubt, directing this system is simple. Despite its weight and size, the strong wheels and well-balanced center of gravity make it effortless to push, pull, or steer it needed. Additionally, the strong handles also give an ergonomic grip.

This trustworthy machine was created with the homeowner and landscaper in your mind. A swiveling front wheel can help to maneuver and to change management, while both large rear wheels include stability and equilibrium. Impressive engine capacities and blowing off make this system ideal for occasional and frequent usage equally.

4. Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

Having a motor size larger than a moped, this self-propelled leaf blower is a frontrunner for the best walk behind leaf blower. It blows air at a rate of 150 mph. Plus, it’s a 14-inch impeller that’s in a position to deal with any leaf-blowing-off task. This power includes some sounds. Do not overlook your ear protection.

It’s a wind speed of 1000 cubic feet per minute that lets it create enough wind power to clean all of the leaves from your lawn. Its handles are rubberized to make certain you have a firm grip on the machine at any way times.

5. Patriot Products CBV-2455H 24-Inch Honda Gas Powered Walk Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower

The Patriot CBV-2455h is a 3-in-1 product that accompanies a blower, chipper, and vacuum cleaner. The motor includes a 5.5 horsepower that may provide you a solid airspeed of 150 MPH. It’s simple to convert the vacuum into a blower with the flip of a deal.

The Honda motor, which is included with this particular tool, is durable and creates less noise. This blower includes 10-inch wheels, which make it easy to move around your backyard.

It’s simple to begin this blower with one pull, but it may feel heavy on account of this durable, well-constructed impeller. It would be wonderful to have a flexible flap to divert the airflow, but it’s a missing attribute.

The weight of the blower is 97 pounds making it effortless to use from the backyard without becoming fatigued. The controls are simple to use and ergonomic.

The Patriot CBV-2455H includes a restricted two-year warranty that’s beneficial if something goes wrong with this item.

6. Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower

This Merry Mac walk-behind leaf blower is extremely successful as it provides 160 mph. This product makes clean up outdoor spaces fast and simple with a total ability of 1600 CFM. It’s strong yet relatively lightweight, which makes it effortless to control and continue around the lawn. Employing the blower from Merry Mac can help save you energy and time while also protecting your spine when doing your yard upkeep.

It includes a very low sound level of 71 dBA offering silent operation. It’s a very long and durable handle that includes a comfortable grip for safe control. This blower is gas-powered, which makes it effortless to keep and ensures it is going to run for quite a very long moment. Among the most significant features of this walk behind leaf blower is that it includes a deflector, so it is possible to select between low or higher airflow.

7. SuperHandy Leaf-SNOW Blower Wheeled Walk Behind

Next up is SuperHandy Ultra Duty, a wheeled walk-behind leaf blower using a very simple but dependable and durable design plus a high-power engine.

Much like most other machines of its kind, SuperHandy Ultra Duty is placed on three wheels. 1 thing we especially liked about its structure is that the completely encased layout. To put it differently, the individual that works in this model does not need to fret about her or his security.

Performance-wise, this version has a solid 212cc gasoline engine. Therefore, it’s effective at reaching the airspeed of 200 miles, allowing its owner to easily eliminate considerable quantities of leaves out of any surface. The motor itself runs on 87+octane petrol.

Another superb aspect of this blower is its low-oil detector. Its task would be to automatically switch off the device’s engine when the sum of residual fuel reaches unsafe-operation amounts. The only thing we did not like is that the handle — there is no padding on it.

8. Billy Goat F902H Force Blower with 262 cc Honda GX Engine

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned user, you’ll discover Billy Goat self-propelled blower for a true monster. It includes a 262 cc Honda GX engine, and also the blower includes a 17-inch 16 blade lover.

The high-performance blower provides one 200 MPH airspeed and 1700 CFM airflow. It provides superior air power to deal with any cleaning job. The massive blower remainder on three wheels, which makes it a lot easier to push it about.

The 4-stroke motor is created by Honda and is exceptionally fuel-efficient and creates less smoke. The automatic mechanical decompression system makes it effortless to start the engine at the very first effort.

This leaf blower supplies nearly four times that of the blowing power compared to the washer air blower. Among the critical attributes is that the aerodynamically designed nozzle method. It provides you with the flexibility to flip it around in any way to blow debris and leaves.

The self-propelled engine saves the effort of pushing the mower. The big, strong blowing motor comes in the cost of becoming thick since it weighs 165 lbs.

That is a lot more than a different normal walk-behind leaf blower. However, as it is self-propelled, it is a lot easier to maneuver. You may use it where you want to do the cleanup.

This high-heeled foliage blower is acceptable for anybody who’s a professional landscaper or has a major yard that has plenty of older trees.

9. Merry Mac LB1450ICEZM Walk Behind Leaf Blower

It is more costly than the majority of the walk-behind leaf blowers for home use, but the Merry Mac 305cc 2000 CFM Walk Behind Leaf Blowers are unquestionably strong enough to look after any massive land, acreage, or area. This industrial standard walk-behind blower includes a 305cc Briggs & Stratton gas-powered engine, which can put up to 2,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The engine casing and output are made from cast iron for maximum durability using a deflector to correct airflow.

Front and side discharge choices are available to create your lawn cleanup fast and simple. The balanced high-speed impeller blows air at 200 MPH. The machine can be lighter in 115 lbs compared to most other units of that dimension. Here is the challenge on this particular unit: it is strong, yes, but it’s also two times as costly, and transport is in addition to that cost. If you’re trying to find an excellent walk behind leaf blower to use with big places, you’ll be hard-pressed to find just as great as this…but you are likely to cover it.

10. Mantis Little Wonder Optimax Leaf Blower

This is just another top-quality article of gear from Little Wonder that includes a lot of the same build quality and attention to detail because the version was analyzed previously.

The significant difference here is that this system comprises a 160cc Honda 4-stroke motor in contrast to the 2-stroke motor from Subaru. This implies it can provide a similar quantity of power, but it utilizes pure gasoline and operates more quietly than the 2-stroke version.

Concerning power, it provides wind speeds of 153mph in addition to an exceptionally remarkable air displacement of 1,397CFM. This is going to be sufficient for almost any heavy-duty leaf or debris clearing tasks you may need to get.

It’s made to last, also. By way of instance, it integrates a 17″ seven-blade impeller that’s cut from one piece of steel — this really is a system you’ll use for several years to come. Additionally, it incorporates a lot of these comfort features of another Little Wonder blower, for instance, an ergonomic padded handle that functions to decrease vibration.

Buying Guide For Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers


Go for walk-behind leaf blowers with ergonomic grips. Think rubber and padded. This kind of handle helps reduce vibrations and protect against hand fatigue.

You also need your grip as detachable grips are easier on the wrist.

Furthermore, there are space-saving versions that have cushioned handles. That is definitely something to think about if you do not have a big enough room to store your own blower.


The potency of a leaf blower is quantified by 2 metrics, CFM and MPH. CMF stands for cubic feet per second, which is the sum of air blowing from this blower each minute. The MPH number measures how quickly the air is, in fact, moving.

These amounts aren’t mutually exclusive; however, there is no good using a top CFM if the MPH is reduced.

Of both, nevertheless, the CMF evaluation is more important. If your lawn is small, and you also anticipate using the leaf blower to get easy jobs, 300 CMF is nice, but in case you’ve got a bigger sized lawn, or wish to use the leaf blower to get loosening lawn debris and clearing snow or compost in addition to grass clippings and lawn dust, then you ought to start looking to a 500 CMF or greater leaf blower.

Engine Size

Taking a look at the dimensions of this motor will provide you some ideas regarding the power of this leaf blower. You might discover that they vary from approximately 100cc to 500cc and outside.

Additionally, it is worth considering that the manufacturer is accountable for producing the motor, as it will not generally be the maker of this leaf blower. Brands such as Briggs & Stratton or Honda are well known for quality and dependability and are well worth the cash.

Fuel Capacity

On a walk-behind leaf blower, the ordinary tank capability ranges from 0.75 to 1 gallon. The bigger the tank, the fewer stops for refills you will want to create, which can be essential for people who have a lawn maintenance company or possess an expansive lawn. Some tanks have a gas gauge, so you don’t cease and unscrew the cap to learn how much gas is abandoned.


Let us face it leaf blowers are loud, and they create a great deal of sound. A powered walk-behind blower is not too loud as a commercial backpack version, but they’re usually louder than battery blowers. Their sound levels can vary anywhere between 71 decibels and 95 decibels.

Comparison of Noise Levels:

  • 110 decibels is as loud as a mill or mill, and an hour of exposure will damage your hearing loss.
  • 100 decibels is as loud as a gas-powered motor at a lawnmower, and eight hours of exposure will damage your eardrums.
  • 80 decibels is as loud as a garbage disposal or kitchen appliance and may damage your hearing eight hours of exposure.
  • 60 decibels is as loud as a regular conversation in a deli or grocery store and should not lead to any hearing harm.

Let us break the bad news. You have to use hearing protection when employing a walk-behind leaf blower. The quietest models readily exceed 60 decibels.


A walk-behind leaf blower is a large investment. Thus, opt for something ultra lasting, durable, and dependable that will offer decent performance for several years to come.

The durability can allow you to figure out how great will a machine function and for a long time. Select a high-quality and pricey walk-behind leaf blower that will fulfill your wants.

Housing Material

The home that encases the device’s moving components can and ought to give rise to an uninterrupted, smooth airflow. Most walk-behind leaf blowers Include casings and housings made from 2 substances:

  • Metal
  • Composite polymer plastic

Evidently, metal casings are a lot stronger and will withstand a good deal of tear and wear. Vinyl housings, on the flip side, make blowers of the kind lighter and less costly.


We hope you now have a fantastic idea about what sort of walk behind leaf blower is ideal for you and exactly what everything you want to appear at while picking one.

Here’s the listing of our top picks for the best walk-behind leaf blowers again for you. Have a look at the specs, customer reviews, costs, and provides on Amazon.

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