15 Best Wall Hung Toilet Reviews of 2021 You Should Buy


Employing the best wall-hung toilet for your bathroom will make cleanup much easier and give your bathroom a more spacious and open appearance. Their glossy bowl layouts will create them a fantastic addition to any bathroom and will not remove from the décor strategy you’re going to get in your area.

This report reviews a few of the best wall-hung toilets that are a fantastic addition for bathrooms and are streamlined in space. Keep reading to learn the best one for your property!

List of 15 Best Wall Hung Toilet Reviews

1. Toto CT418FG#01 Aquia Cotton Elongated Wall-Hung Toilet Bowl Only

  • Toto brand understands precisely how to make a high-quality product that lasts throughout the years. This version is just one of the funding alternatives; although it might not have the touch SanaGloss coating, it’s still rather easy to wash.
  • While incorporating an elongated bowl, then this toilet does not occupy greater than the usual round bowl could. This makes it ideal for bathrooms where space is limited — especially since it also leaves sufficient space.
  • This wall-hung toilet also offers a dual flush system, letting you pick between a 0.9-gallon flush plus 1.6 gallons of water. This makes it an environmentally-friendly alternative — and, of course, a choice that will save on the water bill.
  • The toilet seat isn’t included in the purchase price, as Toto sells them individually. But you might set it with a seat using a soft-close system. In this manner, you can lower the chair without stressing that the tiniest drop will allow the entire house to understand: “I simply used the toilet!”

2. Zurn Z5615. 1.28 gpf Wall Hung Elongated Toilet System with Top Spud

  • The Zurn Wall Hung Elongated Toilet is the perfect product for homeowners who wish to conserve space and builders who wish to conserve time. This is not your conventional toilet; it is a toilet that attaches to a bathroom wall instead of on the ground. You’re never going to need to wash around the base where liquid and dirt could build up.
  • This specific wall-hung toilet comes with a detector valve. It is ideal for families who might be a tad forgetful once they are finished with the bathroom. The detector senses when you eliminate yourself from the toilet and will flush automatically. These are typically quite easy to keep and easy to clean.
  • Additionally, this Wall Hung Toilet includes a 1.28/1.6 gallon per flush action using a siphon jet flush action plus a two -⅛” completely glazed trapway. Because most standard toilets are 3.5 gallons per flush, this can save a lot of water on this specific toilet.
  • This version has an elongated bowl onto it. The elongated bowl is for all those who want to have more seating room. Bigger folks can greatly benefit from the elongated bowl. This may, however, take up a bit more space in your bathroom. In case you have any difficulties with your best wall-hung toilet, like a faulty detector, there is a generous 3-year guarantee on it.

3. American Standard 2093100.020 Glenwall Pressure Assisted Wall-Mounted Toilet

  • American regular, a top wall hung toilet supplier, has established the criteria in American sanitary ware. It creates a list of high-quality products that may alter the total arena of a bath.
  • The American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall is destined to satisfy your ultimate fantasies. Contrary to the toilet above, this version features an elongated chair. It’s along with the tank to offer comfort to the consumer.
  • Aside from its advanced design, it’s engineered using a strong solid jet flush to effectively and economically push water to the bowl to wash out the region covered from waste. This attribute causes it more moderate by ensuring minimal water intake.
  • It includes a chrome-polished side-mounted trip lever that delivers a strong, pressure-assisted flush. The exterior and interior of the elegantly crafted toilet offer the EverClean technologies, which function to restrict the growth of mildew, mildew, and germs so as to maintain keep hygiene requirements.

4. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-WT442 Concorde Wall Hung Toilet Bowl

  • If you’d like a contemporary, glossy wall-hung toilet, then that is it. This is the ideal alternative for minimalistic men and women who also need something distinctive and different.
  • This toilet is intended for the contemporary bathroom, and its own soft close seat will not make a racket in the middle of the night when everybody is asleep. Among the very best parts is that it comes at an excellent cost –so it matches nearly all budgets–and in addition to that, the business also provides a limited lifetime guarantee against particular incidentals which may happen.
  • People who prefer to use environmentally-friendly goods will really like to hear this wall-hung toilet is WaterSense accredited and meets EPA flushing instructions. Its double flush system lets you select between a complete (1.28 g per flush) or partial (0.8 g per flush) partial flush–this permits you to pick the flush strength you desire, help you to save water, and also permit you to decrease your water bill as time passes.
  • It’s very important to notice; however, the toilet carrier tank will have to be bought individually –but the price tag is completely worth it since it is completely concealed from view–which makes it smooth and sleek. But if you’re seeking an ADA-compliant toilet, this is a good one to think about. Its height is flexible –and in addition to this, it’s also super easy to clean because of its quick-release feature. In general, this is a superb wall-hung toilet to take into account. It’s compact, simple to wash, and will look good in any bathroom.

5. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl,

  • If the plan is a significant deciding factor in what you wind up selecting, you won’t go much wrong with the K-6299-0. Its minimalist design can give a bathroom a bright, contemporary, and clean texture, which I think is quite important.
  • Includes a standard elongated bowl that’s streamlined whilst incorporating much-needed relaxation to the layout. Operates on a dual flush system that can offer two distinct heights of electricity to the flush determined by the waste.
  • This should be along with the K-6284 tank that’s developed to be within the wall to be much more space-saving. Measurements provided are 21 inches by 15.1 inches by 13.9 inches.
  • If you are not fond of the variety of hardware that’s installed surrounding this kind of best wall-hung toilet, you don’t need to be concerned. It is called Veil for a motive and does a fantastic job hiding these numerous parts that simply make it appear more decorative.

6. Saniflo 012 Sanistar Self Contained Wall-Hung Toilet

  • If you’re prepared to devote a bit more money to get a top-of-the-line method, the Saniflo 012 Sanistar Self Contained Wall-Hung Toilet is the choice for you. This is a glossy and white style that won’t simply create extra room in your bathroom but also add an ambiance of contemporary allure to the general aesthetic. It’s also supposed to resemble the most popular European fashion wall-hung toilets.
  • This choice is easily set up to any present bathroom, or you may use it in different places which are less near your house’s pipes as the machine can siphon waste out of 9 feet below the sewer line and 100 feet off. What is more, this is a really energy-efficient unit with just 1 GPF.
  • The Saniflo includes chrome hinges to increase the general look. 1 thing to notice, however, is that the toilet is thicker at 68 lbs, so a solid wall link is necessary. Apart from that, this really is a tankless system that supplies a 360-degree rotating elbow for an effortless fit. The wall hung toilet extends 20.5 inches in the wall, along with the measurements will be 15.8 x 16.4 inches.
  • You’ll also find the elongated bowl is easy to clean using all the glaze-coated porcelain. The device includes a wall mount system; therefore, it could be attached against the walls or within the wall. Moreover, you can link the toilet to a sink, bathtub, or shower. At length, that the Saniflo includes a push-button flush along with a non-return valve. Except to be more costly, this is just another excellent solution for a wall-hung toilet.

7. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450 Wall Hung Toilet

  • Swiss Madison SM-WT450 is a double flush wall hung toilet that gives you a high operation to push the system’s waste. The item enables you to select between using 0.8 or 1.28 gallons a flush, which means you can save water.
  • 1 good thing is that the toilet works with the majority of carrier manufacturers, which makes it a universal version. It’s constructed from porcelain material that’s simple to clean and provides a sleek one-piece layout.
  • Another issue is that the soft-close layout that prevents the cover from slumming the chair. And the bundle includes screws and bolts that you want to put in the toilet.
  • It’s a version which you are able to use for ages.

8. Duravit 2225090092 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3

  • Together with the Starck 3, then you receive a bowl in addition to a chair that attaches to the very best. This chair is totally flat and does not feel as comfortable as you may enjoy, and you can’t substitute or eliminate that chair. It will operate with a divot across the rear of the bowl, which allows you to prop up the chair to back up your spine for sitting.
  • The white finish on the bowel functions with the white utilized on your sink, bathtub, and different regions of the bathroom. You may mount this one at various heights according to your elevation or the peaks of different users.

9. Toto CWT418MFG-2No.01 Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet

  • This is the best wall-mounted toilet for 2 things; a slick layout and a saving area. This version does both readily. Nine inches of floor area is obtained by lifting the toilet tank at the wall. This leaves an easy, clean-lined appearance of the toilet bowl’ floating’ inside distance. It is an innovative design that could definitely make a difference if you are fighting every inch of space in your bathroom.
  • Past the great looks of the layout, in addition, it offers an environmentally friendly double flush system — with less water for liquid waste flushing compared to sound waste flushing. It is easy to wash — just mop directly under it! — and can be ADA compliant should you mount it in the 17″ into 19″ toilet seat height.
  • The best thing about the TOTO CWT418MFG-2No.01 Aquia is the fact that it functions as a comprehensive system. The toilet bowl, bowl, and carrier/mounting system are together — unlike any other versions (that look less costly ) that market the toilet bowl and tank/carrier independently. Bear this in mind as you comparison shop.

10. EAGO WD333 Square Modern White Ceramic Wall Mounted Toilet

  • The EAGO WD3333 Square Modern Wall-Mounted Toilet could be summed up into 3 words: contemporary, unique, and practical. Unlike elongated toilet bowls you would commonly find in many bathrooms, the EAGO readily stands out due to its square shape. This one-piece toilet includes a sleek European style that’s fully polished inside and outside for cleaning. The wall-mounted toilet also will come with a soft-closing toilet seat and lid for security and comfort and complies with all ADA standards by enabling flexibility in regards to installing the toilet in a height that is preferred.
  • The toilet also includes a dual flush system, 1 button advocated for liquid waste in 0.8 GPF and another for sound waste and utilizes 1.6 GPF, also may spare a home an average of 10,000 gallons of water annually. Owing to the square shape, the toilet bowl has a larger surface area which will help keep odors to a minimum and makes it a lot easier to wash.
  • In addition, it offers a 3″ flushing valve; a flushing system thought to be more effective when compared with ball-chain-flapper systems. Even though the wall-mounted toilet does not arrive with an in-wall tank carrier and a water distribution line hose, it’s compatible with all the EAGO PSF332 Wall Tank and Carrier, which may be purchased individually.
  • Clients were impressed with the entire appearance of the EAGO WD333 wall-hung toilet. It was also packed well with foam in the box to prevent breakage and damage to the device.

11. American Standard 3402016.222 Glenwall Wall-Mounted Elongated Toilet Bowl

  • Manufactured and made by American Standard, which has been in the business for a hundred and thirty-seven decades, they have the science of producing down toilet bowls. All their products are designed to last and are durable enough to withstand continuous use for many, many years.
  • This wall-mounted merchandise has an elongated bowl which promotes relaxation to the consumer. There are two commonly used substances to produce toilets today, and people are vitreous china and ceramic, but both would be exactly the same. Vitreous china is much more of a method done to fortify porcelain. And this item is created from vitreous china, and it is a technique in which you glaze ceramic with enamel throughout the heating procedure.
  • In other words, vitreous china is a more powerful version of ceramic that has a lot of advantages like a spill, scrape, as well as non-meat. Vitreous china provides great durability and contains sanitary properties, which would be ideal for bathroom usage. This toilet can be outfitted with a pressure-assisted siphon jet activity which prevents any debris when flushing, so making certain nothing gets left behind. And because it is pressure-assisted, it does not use a lot of water.
  • The bowl has a water surface area of 10-inches x 12-inches, and also a fully glazed trap way measuring roughly 2-1/8 inches. This means less waste hauling to the face of these boals, and not as much splashing. This item features comfort, performance, and advantage, and if you are a fan of this, then you will surely love this item.

12. Duravit 2550090092 Happy D.2 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Rimless

  • People that are interested in optimizing every last inch of the streamlined bathroom might think about picking up the Duravit 2550090092. I find this unit to be the very best rimless wall hung toilet for many reasons, such as its capacity to generate use of both the square and a round shape factor at precisely the exact same time without discomfort from the drawbacks of bowl kind. In reality, this kind of rimless type factor might just become the standard if the tendency of contemporary style bathroom design persists.
  • The Duravit 2550090092 just comes from white now, which might be a letdown for people who desired something more trendy to coincide with their bathroom décor. But luckily, this version makes up for this shortcoming by providing an optional transparent coating named HygieneGlaze. It can be a proprietary glaze that manages to stay crisp and sterile by keeping an antibacterial coating throughout the entirety of the vitreous china throne.
  • The Duravit 2550090092 has a few drawbacks, too, which I need to mention. First off, it seems to lack a guarantee, making it a little harder to speculate in this version with assurance. In addition, it does not include any toilet seat, so it’s tough to justify its price point. You are unlikely to find it at a retail shop, possibly, so you’d better hope your favorite online merchant has it in stock.

13. KOHLER K-6300-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl

  • Kohler strikes again using high-quality merchandise sold at a budget cost. This environmentally-friendly toilet will let you conserve water whilst not undermining the ability of this flush.
  • 1 complete flush uses 1.6 gallons of water whilst half flush utilizes 0.8 gallons meaning you won’t need to go for a complete flush when all you’ve got is your liquid waste.
  • The bowl is skirted and does not have any hidden crevices where bacteria can hide. This usually means that this toilet is readily preserved, and you also won’t need to undergo hidden nooks and crannies to repair it. Additionally, because bidet pipes and mounting brackets are concealed from sight, it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • Last but not least, so as to make it as cozy as you can, this toilet seat comes with an elongated silhouette. At precisely the exact same time, the bowl is rather compact. Normally, this toilet seat is about twelve inches bigger than the longest toilet bowl in the Kohler line.

14. Duravit 2200090000 Starck 3 Wall Mount Toilet Bowl

  • A reasonably compact choice measuring only 21.2 inches from 14.4 inches by 17.1 inches. Those of you using bigger quantities of bathroom space might only discover this to be precisely what you want. This new gives an exceptional sense in layout.
  • Wall hung and included a white, minimalist design that seems clean and will operate nicely with the distance given for it. I am of the view that it is not specially built for relaxation. However, I would say it is designed more to get a space-saving advantage than anything.
  • It is WaterSense certified and can be backed with fantastic warranty coverage, which has you insured for as much as five decades.
  • 1 thing to keep an eye out to get is complaints regarding the ineffectiveness of this flush. After running our study, we saw several customers complain about it not efficiently cleaning and draining the bowl together with every flush. That is something to keep an eye out for.

15. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-WT449 St. Tropez Wall Hung Toilet

  • It’s likewise a one-piece design toilet which you could hang on the wall and also have a simple time after cleaning. The product also gives a dual flushing choice to make sure you save cash when clearing liquid.
  • Another noteworthy thing is that the soft final seat averts slumming or sound production when closure. You are able to easily adjust the height of the toilet to satisfy different user’s requirements, which makes it ideal for many people.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the contemporary layout which makes your bathroom look more appealing. That’s further improved by a hidden provider tank, which can be concealed in the eyes.
  • It’s the best model for contemporary bathrooms.

How To Choose the Best Wall Hung Toilets

You are interested in being conscious of a couple of different qualities when picking a wall-hung unit. The majority of these can be regular, though some brands deliver added choices that others might not provide. Have a peek at some additional details that you would like to contemplate when making the last choice.


Having a floor-mounted toilet, you have to accept the adjusted height of your preferred model and cannot make any alterations as a result of the form and design of this toilet. Nevertheless, if it comes to wall-hung toilets, they may be set up at different heights, ranging from 15 to 19 inches away from the floor. Fifteen inches is deemed standard, but older and handicapped folks may prefer a chair installed marginally higher, which is simpler to sit on.


Like your typical toilet, wall-hung toilets also need regular maintenance to make sure they continue you as long as you can. Additionally, but difficulties can always arise at any toilet; therefore, it’s very important that you learn how to access specific components and which sort of normal maintenance your toilet may require. Be certain that you keep access to a toilet’s educational manual so that you can refer to it as essential –and make certain that you keep tabs on any guarantees or client support choices your toilet’s producer has set up.

The main part in regards to upkeep is to ensure you could easily access all the working parts from the in-wall tank of your wall-hung toilet. If you put in your toilet based on what your maker suggests, you’ll realize that the painters have taken everything into account to make sure that it is simple to access each working area simply by lifting the actuator plate.


The wall-hung toilets are somewhat more costly than your conventional toilet. It includes additional installation costs too. Even though the costs have dropped with time, it’s not a fantastic match if you’re facing a small budget.

Flush Performance

It doesn’t matter how good-looking or cheap a toilet is; all toilets are intended to flush the individual waste down the sewer line.

The best part is that it’s fairly simple to select a compact toilet for smaller bathrooms, like a wall-hung toilet, because most big brands are currently WaterSense certified. This is simply given to toilets that utilize 1.28 gallons or less water per second per flush.

Do not be cautious, however, though mobile toilets use less water per flush, so you won’t need additional water to push away good waste. The quantity of pressure and the glazed trapways make sure that nothing is trapped or has been left floating.


Installing a wall-mounted toilet will imply at least a little renovation since the tank/carrier system has to be set up inside the walls. Minimally the wall right behind the toilet will need access, but furthermore, if that is replacing a conventional toilet, the drain will have to be sealed up and transferred too. Employing a fantastic plumber with expertise in this kind of setup will make everything go simpler.

Other features

Some premium toilets are offering added attributes and quality of life improvements, for example:

  • Quiet Close — Worried about waking up someone in the middle of the night? Worry no longer with the silently closed toilet lid. Having a silent close lid, then you won’t wake the entire house anymore once you accidentally drop the lid.
  • Quick Release — These are somewhat more notable on-wall-mounted toilets. Quick-release means which you may readily eliminate a toilet from its bracket to let you wash it completely.
  • Bidet Technology — After I’ve attempted a bidet, I can not return to using toilet paper. A bidet is a far more comprehensive and effortless way with a flow of water to wash your personal areas after using the toilet.


Wall-hung toilets are specially designed for bathrooms with limited spaces. It’s an excellent solution for people who desire a smooth and clean appearance in their bathroom.

And these components are very reasonably priced and will not cost you a lot. Thus, make certain you comply with the manual we’ve supplied above to receive the desi

We expect our overview of the very top 15 best wall-hung toilets has provided you the info you will need to make the best choice for your property.

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