12 Best Woodbridge Toilet Reviews of 2021 You Can Choose


If you’d like a toilet that warms up the look in your bathroom without costing an arm and a leg, then you need to try out a Woodbridge toilet.

You may be certain that you’re off in a fantastic way as the Woodbridge manufacturer is among those climbing names in the business. In this guide, we’ve written the best 12 Woodbridge toilet reviews.

List of 12 Best Woodbridge Toilet Reviews

1. WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet with Integrated Dual Flush with Remote Control

  • Now it is no secret that we appreciate bright toilets. Give us a little gadgetry, and it is like Christmas has arrived early! So it isn’t surprising the Woodbridge Smart Bidet Toilet is right up our street. This is only one of the best Woodbridge toilets available on the market for purposes, with automatic opening up, heated seats, and private washing purposes. Whether this toilet was any brighter, it would do the ironing for you also!
  • This Woodbridge toilet does not have a water tank but rather employs the water heater to choose how much water that it needs for any specific function. Having an automatic flush, then it only brings how much water it requires in the inlet instead of the tank.
  • The extra features include an automatic opening/closing chair, automated flushing, deodorizing, water pressure adjustment, water temperature adjustment, air drying, 4 distinct kinds of washing choices, along a heated seat. It has an amazing light for all those late-night excursions to the toilet. In addition to all this, it’s also a very sturdy toilet, which eliminates waste easily!

2. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White toilet

  • WOODBRIDGE T-0019 is a really contemporary and slick-looking lavish Woodbridge toilet. The toilet works with another style. This will add fresh beauty to your bathroom. Its elegant look will make your bathroom beautiful to check out.
  • The skirted tramway creates the outer part of the toilet great looking. For this reason, the cleaning procedure for the toilet also becomes quite simple. Normally, toilets have some angles and notches, and all these are extremely difficult to reach. However, this isn’t likely to occur with this toilet. There’s not many corners and corner, so it is possible to wash it rather easily.
  • This Woodbridge toilet includes a silent and strong double flushing system. Double flash uses a different quantity of water for fluid and solid waste. This saves a whole lot of water. The flush is potent enough to clean the waste with only 1 flush. The toilet is built of durable ceramic. Additionally, it offers a durable china coating for resisting scrape. Since it can withstand scars from clogs, scarp, therefore that it is going to glow like a brand new one for quite a while.
  • The height of this Woodbridge T-0019 is 19 inches. The size is ideal for tall and older people. Everybody will get this elevation very comfy. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about relaxation. An elongated bowl-shaped Woodbridge toilet. And how big is 28 x 26 inches. The tasteful design and efficacy worth the purchase price.


  • What exactly are you searching for in a Woodbridge toilet of your pick? Do you desire to conserve water? Would you like some relaxation? Are you seeking a toilet that’s hassle-free to wash? Among the best options is your Woodbridge T-0001 Dual Flush Elongated Toilet.
  • Weighing roughly 100+ lbs and created out of white ceramic, this Woodbridge toilet is adored by many previous purchasers. The ultra-shiny non-stick surface not just looks classy but states’ no more’ too tacky materials-including waste. An easy flush receives all the nasty stuff down the drain through the superbly-looking skirted trapway.
  • There are just two flushing options; 1 GPF for fluid waste and 1.6 for sound. This conveniently permits you to conserve water and finally spend fewer water bills.
  • The device’s sound boasts of high craftsmanship that comprises a soft final chair, floor bolts, high and superior wax ring. Thus, this is one of these no-flow and no-clog kinds of toilets that guarantee virtually flawless flushing. This is a comfortable height version, so anyone in your house can get off and on easily. The elongated layout also enhances comfort.
  • There is more. This is a one-time Woodbridge toilet and, thus, ideal for anyone who has restricted spaces or wanting to retain more room for drifting around. It’s a rough-in of 12″.and does not have corners and grooves, making for simple cleaning. These and other attributes highlighted below are a few reasons why lots of Woodbridge t-0001 testimonials rate this toilet tremendously.

4. Woodbridge White Luxury

  • Taking things a Couple of notches up is your Woodbridge White Luxury Elongated One Piece Advanced Bidet Toilet. This item sits in the center of a wise toilet and a normal toilet as its toilet chair has a lot of automatic features, which make it even more convenient to have around. It’ll simplify quite a few hygiene-related tasks following the toilet so that it can surely be convenient.
  • Though the toilet unit, the Woodbridge B0980, is fairly straightforward, it has numerous modern conveniences that most are searching for in a toilet unit. For starters, it’s a sleek, modern design with its own one-of-a-kind, skirted design. This gives it a rather present decorative and simple to clean construct.
  • Additionally, it is a dual-flush Woodbridge toilet, so that you can trust it to help you conserve water. Like the thing over, it is ranked at 1 GPF for half an hour and 1.6 GPF for complete flushes so that it will not use a great deal of water to eliminate waste.
  • However, the highlight of the item is its own smart toilet chair. This add-on enhances the performance of the toilet. It may not automate the flushing, but it may still help you in cleaning up after performing your company.

5. WoodBridge T-0020

  • The Woodbridge T-0020 includes all of the fantastic attributes of a Woodbridge toilet; however, it’s square-shaped. This version is a really unique-looking toilet, and I am sure fans of a rectangle or square-shaped toilet will adore it.
  • It’s quite a compact Woodbridge toilet, measuring 27″ in the trunk to the rim, so it is a pleasant space-saving choice for small bathrooms. This version, unlike the T-0001 and T-0019, Isn’t a Comfortable Height toilet. It steps 15 3/4″ from floor to rim; therefore, it isn’t ADA Compliant. This toilet will be acceptable for small to average elevation individuals and anybody that prefers regular height seats.
  • The same as the other two versions, the T-0020 comes with an efficient and silent flushing system, using a selection of 1.0 GPF partial flush and 1.6 GPF complete flush choices. This version is a WaterSense certified toilet.
  • A fast launch, the soft close toilet seat is included, together with a wax ring, floor bolts, and documentation for setup. Overall, another fantastic toilet by Woodbridge. This version is excellent for square toilet fans.


  • Woodbridge T-0018 is quite much like T-0001, but it is considerably more streamlined. This version’s water tank height is 6 inches reduced, while the bowl height is decreased by two inches, so it is also a superb product for kids and handicapped men and women. Other measurements, for example, rough-in along with the bowl span, are regular.
  • The dual-flush system gives the identical power and normal water intake of 1.28 gallons per flush. You will find two buttons for solid and liquid waste, respectively, so you can save 16000 gallons each year and more.
  • This Woodbridge toilet is constructed of durable vitreous china and contains a skirted tramway. Because of this, it is a whole lot easier to wash than the vast majority of versions in the middle budget. The 5-year ceramic guarantee ensures you will be given a new toilet in the event the substance changes color, the glaze wades out or has stained over time.
  • This version also is made up of a monolith piece, making the setup process a little simpler and lowers the breakage rate of this flush considerably. Since the siphon is totally concealed beneath the thick ceramic coating, it makes hardly any noise even in the event that you apply the 1.6-gallon button. This is a great alternative for families with children, older individuals, and adults of moderate height. It is not large enough for those that are taller than 180cm (71inches) or possess a heavier build because the chair height is just 14.5 inches.

7. Woodbridgebath Woodbridge Luxury

  • These Woodbridge toilet reviews appeal to the ordinary weight class by 134 lbs. This value is near the normal dimensions of 28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches. However, what makes a difference involving other toilets in the sample apart from a gorgeous layout? The fact that the first Woodbridge bidet is set up on the T-0008.
  • The monolithic trendy design of a one-piece Woodbridge toilet, including a bidet washing chair, is one of the goods which makes life simpler. Bidet toilet allows entirely different ways of hygiene thanks to every single time you visit the toilet; you’ll be able to clean yourself rather than using toilet paper. It goes together with the forwards moving nozzle that provides the flow of warm, immediately heated water. After each washing process, the nozzle is coated and goes back into the chair structure. We believe that is among the most effective smart Woodbridge toilet on earth.
  • The benefit of immediate heated water distribution is quite helpful since you’re not constrained in soggy length. This produces high competition with versions where water is heated directly in the tank along with the water quantity is restricted by the tank capability. The ability to douching with hot water seems unnaturally from the pelvic organs of individuals with sensitive genitalia or ailments which cause distress. And people who have a debilitating rectal tract may perform a jet massage to ease unpleasant sensations.


  • Woodbridge T-0033 Dual Flush Elongated is another product on this listing of the best Woodbridge toilet. It caters to a larger audience as a result of the deluxe design and exceptional performance.
  • Like the remaining merchandise on this listing, the double flushing system and siphon mechanics are ideal. You seldom hear complaints about it being too noisy or some other leaky scenarios. Also, the double flushing system helps conserve money and water. It’s simple to wash, and its own scratch-proof ceramic finishing enriches its durability. However, these were all of the characteristics which can be found in other versions also.
  • So what is different here? Like T-0020, this version attempts to accommodate the needs of older users. It’s likewise child-friendly owing to its soft and height closing lid. The seat design for a whole is soft and comfy. Also, the best height causes it easy-for-use in most places.
  • The best part is that Woodbridge ensures you enjoy these attributes without breaking your bank card.

9. WOODBRIDGE B0941 Cotton toilet

  • The Woodbridge B0941 is just another magnificent one-piece toilet in Woodbridge Bath. In addition, it offers a skirted design that makes cleanup fun and, at precisely the exact same time, beautifies it. It’s a black finish, but you could also select one using a cotton white end. Together with the ceramic coating surface, cleaning the toilet is made simple as waste, along with other particles that don’t adhere to the toilet surface.
  • You’ll love how comfy the toilet is because it boasts of an elongated bowl design and relaxation elevation. Consequently, individuals of different ages will have a very simple time sitting or standing up in the toilet. Being a one-piece Woodbridge toilet, keeping it’s easy as there are not any hideouts for mold and mildew.
  • Very similar to the majority of toilets on this listing, the Woodbridge Black B0941 includes a strong siphon flushing system. This system can eliminate waste gently and economically. In addition to this, it utilizes 1.0 GPF or even 1.6 GPF to eliminate solid or liquid wastes, respectively. Furthermore, it includes a high-end soft final seat for comfort and to reduce slamming.
  • This is a cozy toilet with an elongated bowl design. The elongated bowl supplies more sitting space compared to a bowl. Do not be afraid to find this Woodbridge toilet if you would like elegance and luxury in your bathroom.

10. WOODBRIDGE WoodbridgeBath Modern Design

  • This extended version of this Woodbridge toilet is somewhat smoother incomplete and has a slick round bowl instead, along with a square-designed tank. Both of these contrasting designs result in a very contemporary but soft appearance that provides comfort to the mix also.
  • The elongated bowl is much more comfortable for a few to sit. The accession of this comfortable elevation that’s 16 1/2 inches from the ground is also a fantastic advantage to anybody who feels uncomfortable for extended stretches of time around the toilet.
  • It’s a super quiet flush, a thing which Woodbridge pride itself on. If you realize that your toilet is getting noisy or is afflicted by some other issues which are not due to general wear and tear, then they are going to cover any work beneath their 5-year guarantee. The Woodbridge Elongated Toilet is Water Sense Certified, which means that you may feel comfortable in the fact that you’re both saving money on your water bills and conserving Earth using less water also.


  • Thinking about making a more dramatic style for your bathroom? The Woodbridge T-0015/ / BO941 Dual Flush Elongated Toilet might be the ideal addition for this. This striking fixture may be exactly what you want to create a focal point or match another eye-catching detail on your bathroom.
  • If you are in the market to get a black Woodbridge toilet slice, this Woodbridge merchandise may be a good choice for you. Most people with contemporary baths are more curious about something in this dark rainbow, but conventional designs do not necessarily cut it. The slick and skirted trapway layout of the item might do just fine for you, nevertheless. Its clean lines using a very simple detail could just finish the aesthetics you are trying for.
  • Concerning operation, this thing may also offer you a good deal of modern conveniences. Its double flush setup is a really appealing point as it could guarantee water efficacy. Its 1 GPF/1.6 GPF evaluation ensures that it will not absorb a great deal of water. Together with Woodbridge’s siphoning method, you may be certain you don’t require numerous flushes to eliminate waste.

12. Woodbridge B0500-2/T-0031L

  • The Woodbridge T-0031 is a brand new release and is the perfect alternative for smaller bathrooms. This version is a true space saver, even with a tiny footprint. It could be small in size, but it still packs in all of the attributes of additional Woodbridge models.
  • Smooth, glossy trapways are a frequent motif for Woodbridge layouts, and I must say, I am a true fan. They’re extremely easy and easy to keep and clean. A quick wipe of a damp cloth will get this Woodbridge toilet appearing as good as new for quite a very long moment.
  • Its flushing process is quiet and strong and has double flush choices. The double flush alternatives include 1.6 GPF and 1.0 GPF, which makes it WaterSense Certified.
  • What makes the T-0031 distinct from the other versions is its compact dimensions. Now, all the Woodbridge scope are fairly compact in size, but the T-0031 only steps 24-3/8″ in span. These are fantastic dimensions and will match a little bathroom well. It isn’t a Comfort Height toilet. Therefore it will have regular height seats.

Buying Guide for Best Woodbridge Toilets


It’s actually important that most of us do our bit for the environment and conserve as much water as possible. That is the reason why installing water-saving components into your bathroom is a good chance to boost your eco credentials (and, of course, reducing your water bill).

Many taps and Woodbridge toilets are Water Sense Certified. This is a certification procedure they must obey that’s put from the EPA. It guarantees that products utilize as little water as you can but still do the job efficiently. By minding Water Sense Certified goods, you’ll be saving the entire world and your wallet!

Size And Height

Modern toilet sizes are ADA compliant; therefore that it meets the criteria. The suggested height for toilets normally involves 17-inches and 19 inches. For many people, this dimension is the comfiest. The older people will get no difficulty working with this. There are also 14-inch dimensions available. This one is excellent for the handicapped and children. So. You a lot of options. Pick carefully the right one which satisfies your requirements.

Flushing Mechanism

Speedy question; what is the greatest problem that may render a Woodbridge toilet unusable? Blockage. Yes, that is perfect.

1 approach to prevent frequent congestion is by investing in an ultra-powerful toilet that flushes everything down the drain. Since you have seen in the recorded Woodbridge toilets testimonials above, the majority of them athletic siphon jet, which happens to be one of the strong flushing methods.

In addition to this, the majority of the toilets in this Woodbridge toilet review include a glazed skirted trapway to guarantee nothing sticks onto the surface. But, gravity-flow toilets may be unsuitable for extra-large homes or offices that have many users. If that is true, then you need to have a look at a few of the superb effective flushing toilets.

Bowl shape

If you would like the comfiest bowl kind and you are not restricted in the distance, select an elongated bowl shape as it provides more sitting area than rounded bowls. In case you’ve got a small bathroom, a round bowl would be the ideal method to conserve some space before the toilet.

One-piece vs two-piece

Woodbridge Bath makes just one-piece toilets. Even though they’re usually pricier than two-piece versions, they’re also a lot stronger and easier to install. On the flip side, they are far more difficult to send than half-dozen bathrooms that may be disassembled. The brand also provides compact one-piece Woodbridge toilets with smaller tanks. Despite the smaller size, they’re all outfitted with dual-flush systems.


If your main concern is quality, subsequently Woodbridge can assure you of fantastic structure. Their products are extremely solidly constructed, and you’re going to know this for a fact after you get your hands on one.


You’d expect you will not have any difficulties with your recently installed Woodbridge toilet; however, these items occur. In case you have issues with your new toilet, you need it insured; therefore, a guarantee is vital. The more, the better.

Most toilets just have a 1-year guarantee; nevertheless, Woodbridge offers a 5 Year Warranty to their routine versions, which can be very excellent. The wise toilet has a two-year guarantee.


Most manufacturers don’t offer toilet chairs, wax rings, or flooring bolts with the toilet; However, Woodbridge does.

Normally, Woodbridge toilet is a few of the best in the marketplace. They supply uniquely designed and lavish toilets.

Together with the aforementioned best Woodbridge toilet reviews, choosing a toilet layout and style which complements your bathroom should not be an issue in any way. Just make certain you opt for the ideal merchandise as you’ll use it for quite some time.

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